Our Story


Charles Miller Brand Denim is a family and veteran-owned and operated denim and heritage goods brand that lives through the journey of every person wearing it. 

We pride ourselves with experiencing the break-in process and denim journey through building relationships with our clients. Both men and women have the opportunity to live in CMBD alongside us, and all the denim-inspired communities we have the pleasure of being a part of.


100% American Made

Charles and his wife Tara have the pleasure of serving in the US Army. By the nature of their experiences in the Military, traveling all over the world is sewn into the quality of CMBD denim and heritage pieces. 

In keeping with American-made, we rely on American craftsmanship based exclusively in the United States.

Early CMBD denim was made with the late/rare American Cone Mills Denim, where we still source deadstock fabrics for limited releases. In recent years, we have expanded our denim to include Kuroki Japanese denim and the new Vidalia Mills denim in Vidalia, Louisiana.


Water-less Craftsmanship | Recycle

We use raw materials with no water or chemical additives in the production process of our products in order to play our part in preserving a healthy environment. 

During the wash and care process of your heavily worn denim, we continue an eco-friendly approach by recommending soaking your denim. With the preferred method of soaking, you are saving electricity while giving your denim the best organic care.