• 2016 Deadstock Cone Mills

  • Undeniably the best denim we've released
  • Olive Chore Coat

  • Your story through a journey

2016 Deadstock Cone Mills

Undeniably the best denim we've released shop now

Olive Chore Coat

Your story through a journey Shop Now

Welcome to the family.

Charles Miller Brand Denim is a family and veteran-owned and operated denim and heritage goods brand that lives through the journey of every person wearing it. 

We pride ourselves with experiencing the break-in process and denim journey through building relationships with our clients. Both men and women have the opportunity to live in CMBD alongside us, and all the denim-inspired communities we have the pleasure of being a part of.

- Charles and Tara Miller

Military Inspired

Charles and his wife Tara have the pleasure of serving in the US Army. By the nature of their experiences in the Military, traveling all over the world is sewn into the quality of CMBD denim and heritage pieces. 

American Made

In keeping with American-made, we rely on craftsmanship based exclusively in the United States for the manufacturing of our denim and heritage goods.

"Every day is a new day to live in your denim. Embrace the natural indigo wear throughout your journey.”

Charles Miller, Founder

Just wore my Japanese selvedge for the first time today and really what more can I say.  The look and fit are perfect. Thanks again for always answering my questions and the handwritten note was really appreciated! 

Ray, 2019

These are literally the best jeans I’ve ever owned. I could tell from the first moment putting them on, no jean had ever fit so well! CMBD is a fabulous brand with the most wonderfully dedicated employees. I highly recommend all their products.

Eva, 2018

I've been wearing in, wearing out, and repairing CMBD pieces of my wardrobe since 2017. Some days I look down and realize I'm decked out in CMBD without planning it. That's good.

Lucas, 2021