Sustainability: The Topic of the Day

Recently, we sat down with our friends at American Field for a quick episode of their podcast. The topic is all things sustainability - a hot topic in the CMBD Lounge on both the business and personal fronts.

This conversation was a great challenge in tearing apart a familiar and comfortable word back down to the framework - what does it mean to sustain something? Five years and going on a handful of cities, we don't claim to be experts, but we've figured out how it works for us.

And, obviously, you have to think environmental, too. If you're new to the idea of raw denim, this is a good 101 on why raw is better for our planet (think less water!). And even if you're a seasoned denim professional, it's a good refresh and a fun listen! Let us know what you think.

Queue it up for your next commute! Watch the video below, or listen to the audio on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


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