Level-Up Year

You’ve heard us say it’s “level up time”. 

We always believe it’s level up time, though.

So what do we really mean?

If you know CMBD, you know the brand is only one part of the whole. The puzzle these days is a full-time family, two full-time careers with the U.S. Army, one in-process doctoral degree, and a full-service denim and heritage goods brand. We do it all, and we do it all in denim.

It’s a lot. We don’t second-guess our choices, ever. This is our lifestyle, and we’re better for it. 

That being said - maintaining this lifestyle with smiles on our faces is only possible because of two things: balance and commitment. Refining the ability to cook with all the burners on, at different temperatures and with different meals cooking in each pot or pan. We hope it’s all going to taste good when it hits the table, and we’re committed to getting there.

When we’re talking about leveling up, we’re talking about making the moves now to ensure that when the time comes to hang our hats in our military careers, we’ll have made the commitment to our brand and built the momentum to be able to shift our focus to full-time passion.

It’s one step at a time. It’s moving our production model to provide year-round accessibility to the brand versus exclusively focusing on small drops. It’s treasuring the audience we’ve built over the past five years, experimenting with different ways to tell you our story, and finding new avenues where we’ll reach more people like you. It’s making sure that every movement in CMBD is lined up with the one before, the one after, and the big picture.

It’s a lot of moving pieces. But, as always, it’s balance and commitment. Like I said, we make it happen and we're better for it.

We’ll see you at dinnertime. Come hungry. 


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