Fall 2K21: Layering Tips

Fall is our favorite time. Can't hide it, can't be diplomatic to the other seasons. Summer was great - we launched the first cuts of our soon-to-be signature Ordinary Shirt (our spin on the camp shirt silhouette) and bundled up our Standard Issues and got them out into your hands. But, if we're being real, summer in denim isn't our prime time.

As the leaves start to change, we start to think about layers. Bringing products to life that are as effective layered as they are on their own is a key focus when we talk about functionality. Whether paired with another CMBD heritage good or a piece from another favorite brand in your closet, it has to make sense with your personal style and reflect your personal journey.

And that says it - your personal style is the biggest factor in pulling off a good look. Dress for your process and for what's on your calendar, with pieces that withstand the challenge. That being said, we have a few failsafe tips we practice for bundling up when the mercury drops.


1. Find a good, reliable outer layer.

We might not be there yet, but you have to be prepared if you live where it gets really cold. A good three-season jacket can be hard to find, and even harder to resist the urge to pick up every jacket you get an ad on Instagram for. A key point we've learned is to remember you're in control of the layers you wear between base and jacket - an extra flannel or sweatshirt snuck between when it's really cold can be the difference between only needing one jacket all year and a closet full of stuffing.

For the last few years, the go-to has been this heavy-duty winter jacket from Dehen 1920, a brand we admire deeply for their longstanding commitment to making high-quality, honest goods in America. CMBD heavy layers in the future? We'll see.

2. Find one thing that pops.

Fall is a great time to experiment with earth tones - browns, greens, throw a blue in there now and then too. Last year's Heritage Chinos were daily drivers then, and will be again this year. Reliable, durable staples are the core of a solid wardrobe, but don't leave out a signature pop or visual focus when putting together a look for a day out for work or fun. If you aren't feeling flashy, a patterned flannel shirt or work shirt is a great way to rely on details to tell your story.

3. Invest in quality.

Okay - this isn't a style tip, but a life tip. Like we said above, it's easy to fill your closet on impulse, and while a solid collection feels good, it can't beat a well-curated mix of staples that stand up to any circumstance. Don't worry about someone asking why you wear the same kit three or four days in one week - that's an opportunity to have a discussion about why you consume the way that you do. Quality first, always.

Happy fall, happy October. It's the best time of the year.

If you're looking to layer up and need a hand, we've got you. 

Talk soon!

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