Too Hot For Denim: It's Chino Summer

Live Denim has its caveats. We see it as a year-round mental mantra, but we can't hold ourselves to heavyweight denim when the thermometer is close to breaking 100. It's just too damn hot. 

Last fall we released the first round of our lightweight Heritage Chinos. In a 9oz selvedge twill, these were perfect for the transition from warm months into the cooler season - and this year, we're learning they work in reverse order, too. We're seeing them dressed up, dressed down, and dressed in between as high temps permeate across the country. Here's a few of our favorite looks.

#1 - @bigdudeindenim

Big Dude Mike gets the Live Denim life - we are always impressed with the variety of denims he keeps in his collection, as well as other unique fabrics and patterns outside of the realm of indigo. In a post this past weekend, Mike paired his CMBD Chinos with a new RGT summer shirt - a similar vibe to some summer camp shirting we've got hitting the site later this month. This is a great summer look - a compromise between staying cool and staying true to your personal style. Looking good, Bandy!

#2 - @lucaszfitz

Dressed up?! With the world opening back up, we're talking to more and more folks with a handful of weddings to attend this season. A formal occasion can be tough for a heritage dude - we want to look good, but sometimes it's just not our scene! The Heritage Chinos came up to the plate for Uncle Lukey's wedding look - paired up with a lightweight Taylor Stitch blazer and a beat up pair of Red Wings for authenticity. I mean, they would look solid with a good tee, but why stop there?

#3 - The House Pairing

They look great with a tee - and that's our preference! At home, I've been wearing my Chinos a few times a week with a trusty Dehen 1920 tee and my HFA Goods x Fitted Underground x Finely Wrought belt. Love that thing! 

The selvedge Chinos are currently out of stock - though we wouldn't say no to another round in the next season. Maybe something darker? We'll see. It's always denim, but it's not always denim. You know how it is. Stay cool.

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